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3 exciting days through West Courland, Latvia

A  3-days trip gives you a possibility to get acquainted with the fascinating region of Latvia – West Courland or Rietumkurzeme. The area that is rich in historic events, places and  witnesses, and so  versatile in landscapes with its  meadows and  forests, soft hills and the sea coast.

You will learn small precious towns, undiscovered by the main stream of tourism flow, cultural highlights like Suiti in Alsunga, art and real artists in their studios, craftsmen with their unique skills.

You travel comfortably by bus through beautiful landscapes.  There are only short trips from one sightseeing object to another. Exciting, informative and enjoyable.

The programme includes such  interesting places as the former Hanse town and gem of Kurzeme Kuldiga, the famous Venta waterfall. As well as art studios, museums, art exhibition hall, local craftsmen performing live. You will visit  several typical manor houses and castles during your trip, walk on the coast looking for amber, visit unique  ethnic and cultural centre in Alsunga and learn their inhabitants suiti.

The trip includes visit of the “coolest” place in Kurzeme -  Liepaja – the town, where the wind was born.

Accomodation: guest house Maras manor in Kuldiga region

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